The most exciting destination is Miami and the Beaches. Our magical city is one of the hottest destinations in the world. Surrounded by water as far as the eyes can see. Miami offers the water enthusiast a variety of activities and entertainment options on the water. Miami enjoys close proximity to other famous destination cities such as Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables and Ft. Lauderdale.

Miami is also the gateway to the Florida Keys. If you are looking for a long weekend getaway or a week’s vacation in the Keys, we have a fine selection of both power and sailing vessels that will make your trip absolutely unforgettable.

If you start your boating adventure in Miami and you’ve booked a short half-day boating trip, your first option is to poodle around some of the more famous places in Miami like Star Island where the celebrities live. The Flagler Monument, and Hibiscus Island where Al Capone used to own a property, and generally kick back and enjoy the sunshine and the waters around Miami and Miami Beach.

Celebrities who call Miami home currently include: Alonzo Mourning, Anna Kournikova, Antoine Walker, Chayanne, Don Shula, Dwayne Wade, Gloria Estefan, Hulk Hogan, Janet Reno, Jennifer Lopez, John Secada, Julio Iglesias, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Matt Damon, O.J. Simpson, Pat Riley, Ricky Martin, Robin Gibb, Rosie O’Donnell, Shakira, Shaquille O’Neal, and Sylvester Stallone.

If you would like a more adventurous route and have the time to do it, you can travel Southwards under the Rickenbacker causeway and into the azure waters of Biscayne Bay where you can see Dolphins playing and all kinds of wildlife. Funny historical fact: the word “Biscayne” is a bad anglicized use of the Spanish word “Vizcaya” (the Biscay Spanish province and Bay of Biscay ) which is what it was originally called by the original Spanish explorers who came to Florida in the 16th century. English sailors called Viscaya in Spain, the Bay of Biscay and from there it became Americanized as “Biscayne”.

There are different routes that can be used to go down to the Keys. Basically you can go on the “outside” if you like the ocean and if the weather permits. The “inside” route is better when the weather is iffy. The inside route basically follows the intra-coastal waterway as it winds its way down into the Keys. The “inside” route is more protected.

Key Biscayne is your first destination and there are several neat places to visit – you can anchor off President Nixon’s house, still with its helipad or go around the corner into no-name harbor that has a great Cuban restaurant. You can visit Stiltsville which is just south of Key Biscayne and there is a deep and well-marked channel that winds through the old houses built on the water, and will take you out to Hawk Channel on the Ocean side, if you prefer the “outside” route.

As you move further into Biscayne Bay and across to the Western side, you’ll find Dinner Key and its famous marinas with lots of little shops and restaurants and close to the village of Coconut Grove that is a really beautiful part of Miami.

As you continue South, you’ll find Elliott Key which has long been a favorite anchoring spot for Miami natives but is now off-limits for certain boats and requires special permission. Further South you’ll get to the Northern tip of Key Largo with its very exclusive Ocean Reef resort and then, as you continue down, there are lots of really very special places on both the ocean and bay sides of Key Largo.

This is home to the famous John Pennecamp National Park and Marine reserve with superb SCUBA diving and snorkeling locations. The various coral reefs off Key Largo are incredible to view although they are under attack from various sources of pollution including the nutrient rich waters of Florida Bay that are encroaching on this historic national treasure. This is where you can find the famous under-water, bronze figure of Christ that is in relatively shallow water and can be seen by both divers and snorkelers.

The water on the ocean side of Key Largo is amazingly clear on a nice day. You will wonder at the variety of birds, fish and other wildlife including turtles. You could really be in the Caribbean…!! Of course you’ll need a power boat to get you to Key Largo and back in a day.

It’s a LONG drive to even the upper part of Key Largo. But if SAILING is your thing, Biscayne Bay, although fairly shallow in some parts, can easily accommodate sailing yachts. In fact there’s nothing more romantic than taking an evening cruise aboard one of our spectacular sailing boats with dinner on-board and beautiful soft music in the background.

The secret is to leave in the late afternoon, see the sunset from the boat and then the sail home with the backdrop of Miami’s beautiful skyline all lit up in all its evening glory.

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